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SAMURAI Specification

Frame specifications

Seat tube 57cm (22.441 in.) –center to top
Top tube 57cm (22.441 in.)-center to center
Seat angle 74°
Head angle 72°
Rear center 41cm (16.142 in.)
Front center 59.8cm (23.543 in.)
Fork Offset 4.5cm (1.77 in.)
BB drop 6.5cm (2.56 in.)BB PF30
Diameter of seat post φ3.16cm (1.244 in.)
Wheel base 100cm (393.7 in.)


-Selection of Parts-

We consider that forks and handles are NOT independent; they are integrated with the main frame, and express strength.
We choose silvery parts so that the harmony with titanium parts could be maintained.
In order to emphasize the shape of the frame, we do not put focus on grades and prices of parts very much, but simplicity, perceptibleness of materials, and uncharacteristicness.


It is designed to signify the glitter of ‘Katana.’
A family crest is marked on the sharp wide silvery rims.

-Chain, chainring, crank, pedals-

We adopt a belt drive which has the good appearance and is easy to maintain.
Then, we choose the black crank and pedals which go well with the belt drive.

-Brake lever-

We choose the brake lever for the simplicity of its silhouette and the compactness of the lever.

-Seat pillar-

We currently use the ready-made product, but are planning to manufacture our original one made of titanium.