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SAMURAI high-end road bike

SAMURAI technology

‘Ebikan’ welding technique

By welding together small fan-shaped pieces, a curved form is achieved. This process is called Ebikan welding; the curves of the main frame, handlebars and the fork are not formed by just bending pipe, but are constructed using this Ebikan welding technique. The distinctive form that microscopically appears as straight lines and on a macro level as curved lines evokes images of samurai armor. In addition, deliberately retaining the discoloration resulting from the welding process emphasizes the joints between each piece and expresses the valiance of samurai armor.The technique of welding thin titanium piping, a skill continuously handed down through generations of artisans that can very well be lauded as modern-day swordsmiths, is a hallmark of artisans involved in titanium processing, and embodies the SAMURAI spirit.

‘Ebikan’ welding technique SAMURAI high-end road bike


Despite the unique design with its lack of a seat tube, we’ ve ensured a frame rigidity on a par with that of existing road bikes, aiming for structure optimization with the employment of a large-diameter butted tube and work-hardening through Ebikan welding. We’ ve achieved ultra smooth acceleration when pedaling and vibrational absorption distinctive of titanium. βtitanium alloy (Ti-22V-4A1) is used with the truss pipe at the truss section at the bottom of the down tube, which lends the bike a superior smoothness. The texture of the SAMURAI, which is just that little bit different to that of other titanium road bikes, is attractive. Added to this, the elegant curves of the seat and chain stays combine to prevent heel and belt friction, and make a wider variety of optional parts and a comfortable ride possible.

Structure SAMURAI high-end road bike

Surface micro-fabrication

We’ ve taken advantage of micro-laser processing techniques with the titanium texture of the top tube, the steering column and the rear end to achieve a design bursting with Japanese originality. Using cool, attractive titanium to implement this design serves to further emphasize the SAMURAI image.

Surface micro-fabrication SAMURAI high-end road bike

Parts, Accessories

The bottom bracket, headset, steering column, rear end, seat clamp and other parts and accessories employ high rigidity Ti-6A1-4V alloy; with the SAMURAI, our focus is on using titanium in its creation. Along with maintaining strength, this heightens the added value of the SAMURAI as an all-titanium road bike. All wires and cables, such as those used in the gear-changing transmission, have been placed within the frame, which serves to maintain the frame’ s strong, elegant image.This is an all-titanium high-end bicycle that employs mechanically-proven titanium alloys best suited to each section.

Parts, Accessories SAMURAI high-end road bike


Frame: Ti-3A1-2.5V alloy
Truss: Ti-22V-4A1 alloy
Accessories, parts: Ti-6A1-4V alloy

SAMURAI Materials high-end road bike